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Our Rebranding is Complete!!!

Over the last 6 months we have been gradually rebranding from ‘Biz2blu’ to Pebble People Development.

‘Why ?’ you may well ask… well it’s all about authenticity and feeling in love with yourself and who you are as a business, just as you should as a person, we as a brand and a small business felt that our brand name wasn’t really reflecting who we are and what we do. After lots of deliberation, Pebble People Development was born.


You are now on the website designed by the brilliant Katy from MC Graphic Design Studio who also designed our new logo too and all our branding material…. It’s so important to work with people who you can relate to, trust and rely on to be honest (about our silly ideas!!) and creative and we cannot thank you enough Katy for all your support and patience.


Why Pebble People Development you may ask??

Imagine holding a pebble in your hand. Feel its weight, its texture, its individuality. Every pebble in the world is one-of-a-kind, just like you and me. Each of us is shaped by the elements we come into contact with, moulding us into the unique individuals we are today.

Now, picture that pebble dropping into a tranquil pond. As it breaks the surface, ripples cascade outwards, touching everything in their path. Just like those ripples, we believe that every action we take, every choice we make, has the power to impact others. We are not solitary beings, but rather interconnected threads in the tapestry of humanity.

It's a beautiful concept, isn't it? The idea that we can create ripples of change simply by being ourselves. By embracing the elements that have shaped us and using them to inspire and uplift others, we have the power to make a lasting difference.

So, let's celebrate our uniqueness, our individuality, and the incredible potential we have to create positive change. Just like that pebble in the water, let's make our actions ripple throughout the world, leaving a mark that will be felt long after we're gone.

Please do contact us if you want to find out more about how we could help you or your organisation and take a tour of our website to read more about Pebble People Development, the team and different workshops available.

New business cards with our updated brand identity. Printed on a 450gsm silk board, full colour both sides with soft touch lamination both sides and hi rise varnish (scodix) on the ripples to give the illusion of standing out and rippling.



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