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What is Insights Discovery?

A psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery is built to help you understand yourself and others, plus make the most of the relationships that affect you in the workplace.
It marks the start of your self-awareness journey.

The Insights Discovery methodology 

uses a simple and memorable four colour model to help you understand your style, your strengths and the value you bring to a team. We call these the colour energies, and it's the unique mix of Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue energies, which determines how and why you behave the way you do.

Who's it for?

Insights Discovery is suitable for all levels and gives you the foundation of self-awareness you’ll need to be successful at whatever you do. That could be developing yourself, working as part of an effective team, or leading others with authenticity.

Through Insights Discovery, you’ll gain a common language that has wide-ranging benefits, including being able to connect with colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries, as well as providing a safe platform for feedback conversations.


Insights Discovery helps you understand yourself and your colleagues.
This enables you to:


  • Have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries

  • Gain an understanding of your own and others’ communication preferences

  • Connect better with your colleagues to improve collaboration

Using Insights Discovery as part of a wider programme

Insights Discovery is at the heart of what we do. By applying the four colour model to a variety of business challenges, we focus on your most important asset - your people.

  • Improving team productivity - used in conjunction with our teamwork programmes, Insights Discovery tackles collaboration, communication and working relationships.

  • Increasing personal effectiveness - as part of a one-to-one coaching programme, Insights Discovery can help people create a tailor-made development plan.

  • Boosting sales performance -  by looking at the effectiveness of your sales people at each stage of the sales cycle, we create strategies to improve customer relationships and smash targets.

  • Introducing a common language - the language of colour spreads quickly throughout organisations - it's memorable, simple to understand and means that the learning isn't forgotten once people are back on the day job.


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