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Coaching and Mentoring

Executive Coaching



Unlock your potential.

Our Executive Coaching is client led and non-directive. We believe that our clients are resourceful so that our responsibility as Executive Coaches is to help unlock their  potential. All our coaches are accredited and can create bespoke programmes for individuals and organisations or hold ad hoc  sessions to focus on a particular topic.

Career Transition

Career Transition Coaching

Helping you transition.

Whether you’re looking to change role or career direction, seeking a promotion or going through redundancy or retirement, we can help you with the transition. Our team of experienced coaches can help you get to where you need to be.

Working from Home

Parental Transition Coaching

Developing an organisational plan.

Pregnancy, maternity/paternity leave, adoption and IVF support all form part of an organisation’s culture, talent retention strategy and overall Diversity & Inclusion consideration. We can help you provide your employees with the appropriate support at this critical time in their lives and assist you to develop an organisational plan for long-term sustainable results. 

Business Discussion


Fostering growth.

Mentoring is a development partnership where one person shares their knowledge and experience to help foster the personal and professional growth of someone who is often less experienced than they are. We can  provide mentoring to you or your employees depending on the skill  you or they are looking to develop. We can also help you develop mentoring programmes within your organisation.

Leadership & Executive Development

Focusing on leadership development helps expand the capacity of individuals to perform in these roles.

Design and deliver workshop-led activities

Working with you, we will design and deliver workshop-led activities for you and your teams to improve team working, collaboration, resilience or address conflict and dysfunctional teams within your organisation.

Use one of our proven techniques

We may use one of our proven tools and techniques like Lego Serious Play or Insights Discovery. Or we may design something else, bespoke to your organisation, to ensure we meet your desired outcome. 

Facilitate the execution of your strategy

Development of your Executive or Leadership team, will facilitate the execution of your strategy through building alignment and growing the capabilities of others.

Improve your results

Commitment to developing your  leaders will also improve your results when navigating change, attracting and retaining talent and boosting your bottom line.

Suggestions of what we can help with

Our Workshops

Which workshop is best suited to your team?


What is Insights Discovery?

This is the very start of your self-awareness journey and uses a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung.



This is a communication and problem-solving process based on a set of theories, developed by the LEGO® Group. It’s a valuable tool for enhancing innovation and business results.        

Bespoke Workshops

What is a Bespoke Workshop?

This is a plan designed specifically for your team in line with the outcome you need - whether that’s  resolving leadership or team development challenges or both.      

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